Ampito was formed in 2005 to address a gap in today’s market by providing levels of service that customers expect whilst also identifying trends and technologies that will differentiate and bring competitive advantage to our customers in the fast moving modern markets of today’s business world.

The Ampito group consists of seven distinct and separate business units all with their own specific resources, systems and personnel which enable us to deliver higher levels of service that we know make the difference to our customers.

Today we offer our services and products through;

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Whilst we recognise the importance of technology and bespoke solutions we are more focused on “service excellence”. Ampito realises that we must keep our customers unequivocally happy. As part of this we aim to take the stress away from the procurement, delivery and installation of any new equipment or services project as well as upgrades to any existing solution or ongoing support and maintenance.

We believe that to be successful we must ensure the success of any project or implementation we work on and by definition this will either deliver cost savings or productivity gains to our customers.

Technology we understand. Trust and long term relationships can only be built on the principles of good service – for this reason Ampito focuses through dedicated skilled teams in each of the businesses to fulfil this objective.